Website Accessibility

Flanders Woods LLC is committed to providing a user friendly online experience for all visitors, regardless of their device type or reliance on assistive technology. Every website visitor should be able to access our site at

Our website endeavors to conform to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. There is no definitive test nor certification of conformance to Level AA of the WCAG but we have used automated testing for assessing accessibility.

Despite our best efforts to ensure the accessibility of the website, there may be some limitations. Content and or technology provided by external web apps that are integrated with our website may not comply with the accessibility standard we strive to achieve. Unfortunately we cannot control the development of outside applications.

PDF documents

Most of the content on the Flanders Woods website is in HTML format which is compatible with screen readers. A small portion of documents in the Model Homes section of our site are in PDF format. Generally screen-reading devices are unable to read documents directly in PDF format, however the information on the PDF document is provided in HTML format on each of the Model Home pages that have a link to a PDF document.

Customize your browser/device settings

If you are experiencing difficulty reading the Flanders Woods website on your desktop or mobile device, changing the settings on your browser or device may help to improve the readability and visibility.

Find out more about the accessibility features of these leading Internet Browsers through the links below:

  • Mozilla Firefox: Click here for Mozilla Firefox Accessibility Features
  • Google Chrome: Click here for Google Accessibility Features
  • Internet Explorer: Click here for Microsoft Internet Explorer Ease of Access Options
  • Apple Safari: Click here for Apple Accessibility Support

Please be aware that WCAG Guidelines are evolving and our efforts to comply with these guidelines are ongoing and we are continually working towards increasing ease of use and accessibility for all our website visitors. If you should experience any difficulty in accessing the website, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


All homes at Flanders Woods will be ENERGY STAR® certified for maximum energy efficiency.

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