Harmony of landscape and architecture

Natural air conditioning through prudent design

  • Place shade trees and overhangs on southerly side of house to block powerful overhead summer sun from outside deck/patio and inside of house.
  • Situate windows low on southerly side of house and on northerly side of 2nd floor so that the rising warm air currents constantly circulate naturally through the house during warmer months.

Design interior room layout to maximize passive solar gain during colder months

  • Situate great room and dining room on southeasterly side to bring low angle winter sun’s warmth into house and locate bedrooms, that need less heat on the northerly side of house.

Extend season of outdoor deck/patio spaces through prudent design

  • Situate outdoor space, like deck or patio southeast of house, so that the house shields this space from the prevailing winter winds from the northwest. This creates a micro climate and lengthens the usable season for these outdoor spaces.
  • Plant a staggered double row of evergreen trees northwest of the house to divert prevailing winter winds away from house and outdoor spaces.

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Illustration of how buildings integrated with landscape can save energy costs.

All homes at Flanders Woods will be ENERGY STAR® certified for maximum energy efficiency.

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